How To Have A Great Time At Your Local Seafood Restaurant

“Great food, we had some fish dip & firecracker shrimp as appetizers and they were delicious! Really fun kid room & greatly decorated place with lots of local art work. Also gets the extra 5 stars because they switched to paper straws witch is a great environmental move especially since they are located right by the river!” – Jazmine S., Five Stars, Google Reviews, Jensen Beach Location

If you are looking to have a great time at your local seafood restaurant (as we might presume you are since you’ve decided to read this blog post which has that exact title), the simple way of ensuring you do so would be to follow Jazmine’s example. In her glowing five star review of our Jensen Beach seafood restaurant, Jazmine took the time to highlight our firecracker shrimp, fish dip, paper straws, local artwork, and amazing location that is close to the beach and river! The simple and easy thing to do would be to repeat what she found to be a successful approach to enjoying herself at a southeastern Florida seafood restaurant. She came to Mulligan’s. She had a fantastic time. She gave us five stars and let the world know how wonderful a time we have here at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill.

Now, what about the long way of making sure you have a great time at your local seafood restaurant? Whether it’s in Jensen Beach, Lake Worth, Vero Beach, or elsewhere, we at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill want to make sure you have a memorable dining experience. In today’s post, we are going to offer up a few tips we’ve gathered in our years of service. Having been providing excellent seafood for years has afforded us the unique position of being able to notice trends among parties who are clearly enjoying themselves, and those who are obviously doing quite the opposite. So, while you shouldn’t take the following words as absolute, we hope you are able to glean a bit of value from them. Read on if you are interested in what you can do to be a better date, family member, friend, or whatever the case might be!

Concerning Dates

Before we can begin offering up our advice, we should make a few distinctions. Firstly, it’s important to note that not all dinner parties are the same. This is a fairly well-known fact; your expectations and interactions will be very much different on a date than they would be with a group of your good friends. Likewise, a work-related dinner, perhaps with a client or prospective one, will vary significantly when compared with taking the family out for a birthday dinner. Regardless of the occasion, however, we’d like to make the point that Mulligan’s can perfectly accommodate you. It’s tough to find a seafood restaurant that offers oceanfront views, excellent seafood (and landfood), world-class service, and a family-friendly atmosphere to boot!

More on that later, for the topic at hand concerns how to not have a miserable time when you are out on a date. How is this to be accomplished? Don’t be miserable is well over half the battle. At the risk of sounding a touch silly, we couldn’t be more serious about something. So the saying goes, “Boring people are bored,” and we’d argue that having a good time has much to do with your attitude.

Let’s be a bit more specific. Here at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill, we see our fair share of first-dates. Not that we are snooping by any means, but it’s not untrue to say that online dating websites and platforms has changed the game forever, meaning that a higher percentage of first-dates are comprised of two people who have never met before. Sure, they have been messaging online, but that’s a far cry from in-person, interpersonal communication. You can’t cover up your worst features and highlight your best ones with a careful curation of your appearance; and neither can your date. You have to know how to carry a conversation, even if it might be a bit awkward. You can’t just turn your phone down and not respond!

So, let’s say you are having a bad time on your first, pseudo-blind date. You met/matched online, you like the way they look, and they didn’t seem like an antisocial nightmare while you messaged them, so it seemed like a decent enough idea to come to your favorite local seafood restaurant to see if any sparks might fly!

They aren’t; there are no sparks to be found, as it turns out. For whatever reason, you aren’t clicking. It might be because your date is more concerned with how delicious their firecracker shrimp is than hearing you talk about your five-year plan, but that’s really neither here nor there!

You find yourself at a crossroads, no doubt. You could either chalk the night up as a loss, or you could do a bit of analysis of the self-inventory variety. This is because it all comes back to the idea that people who frequently have miserable times just might be part of the problem! We aren’t saying that you are miserable, necessarily, but we simply mean to say that our attitude affects reality.

If you are having a bad time on your first date, perhaps it is because you are expecting to have exactly that, rather than doing your best to press in and see if your date can’t surprise you. They just might be able to! So the next time you are out on a date and find yourself less than enthused about whoever is sitting across the table from you, we recommend you go to the restroom to collect yourself. Come back out, notice the amazing food that is before you, the waterfront atmosphere, and the smiling staff. Then, and only then, take a look at your date and give them a smile. Things just might turn out a lot better than you had thought they were going to be!

Family Or Friends

Although having a good time is preferable when you are out on a business meal, it’s not the actual purpose of the dining experience. In light of this, we won’t be discussing how to enjoy yourself at a business lunch, seeing as how it seems like a silly endeavour. Instead, we’d like to punctuate today’s post with a brief word about enjoying yourself around friends and family while out to eat at your favorite “seafood restaurant near me,” as so many of us are apt to type into our smartphones.

Seeing as the holidays are approaching, you might be wondering how you are going to be able to stomach seeing your extended (if not immediate) family this December. You might abhor their taste in entertainment, detest their political opinions, and find their children to be veritable monsters. We recommend focusing on what you can agree upon. Ideally, your taste in cuisine would fall under this category. But perhaps you are as far apart on culinary matters as you are about anything else. If that’s the case, be sure to come to Mulligan’s! We are open 365 days a year for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We specialize in seafood, but there isn’t a meal made poorly here at Mulligan’s, whether you end up getting a burger, salad, fish taco(s), or otherwise!

Come Visit Us Soon!

We hope that you’ve found today’s blog post a touch challenging. Mostly, though, we hope it convinces you to come visit us at your earliest convenience! Whether that means dragging a date or your extended family along with you to get some world-class seafood at Mulligan’s, we won’t discriminate! Stop by one of our many locations to get a seafood experience you won’t soon forget!