Vero Beach Seafood Restaurants – Why Try Mulligan’s!

It’s pretty wild to think about how much ground we’ve covered over the past year or two of posts. Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill is a full-service Vero Beach seafood restaurant (with many other locations across Southeastern Florida), serving fresh seafood, delicious soft and hard beverages, and providing our customers with an authentic, family-friendly dining experience they aren’t soon to forget.

People find us online searching in a variety of ways, from typing in phrases like “waterfront restaurants” to “tropical restaurants” to “beach restaurants” to “family restaurants near me;” we do our best to make sure people know about what is going on here at Mulligan’s. There’s always a good time for the whole family to be found here, and that’s exactly what we are going to be talking about in today’s post.

Vero Beach Seafood

Though the past has seen us tackle topics like crab selection and preparation or things to do if you are visiting Vero Beach (besides eating at Mulligan’s, naturally), we are paying special attention to our Vero Beach seafood restaurant location today. Why? That’s an easy one! For starters, watch the video found on this page to get a visual representation as to how picturesque of a site Mulligan’s at Vero Beach really is. Located at 1025 Beachland Blvd., Vero Beach, Fl. 32963, the combination of world-class seafood, the ocean view, and a fun staff ready to host a great time every single night is tough to ignore.

Our Background

Founded in 1997 by George Hart, Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill began with the same family-oriented mindset we’ve carried through to the present day. While our chief goals include providing a welcoming place for locals and visitors alike, the bread-and-butter of our local seafood restaurant is, and try not to be too shocked by this assertion, is found in the quality of our seafood and other menu items. We’ll cap off this post by highlighting a couple of our top recommendations for you to try, whether you are a long-time, 21-year regular or you are simply looking for the best fish restaurant in Vero Beach. But before we get there, we want our prospective guests to know that we are true native Floridians, which really matters. We give back to our local community in a variety of ways, so be sure to check that resource page when you get a chance.

On top of that, we are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 365 days every year. Whether you are looking for an Egg’s Benedict with crab that is out of this world or you’d like some glorious fish tacos to go along with a refreshing cocktail as you relax the afternoon and evening away, we’ve got you covered at Mulligan’s Vero Beach. We host private events for affordable rates as well, so be sure to check out our private dining options! At Vero Beach, just so you know, we have a private oceanfront room that can hold up to 40 guests.

Seafood Menu Items Worth A Try!

For breakfast, we recommend our Crab cake Benedict, filled with Jumbo Lump Crab cake. For lunch, try our Lobster Roll; it’s tossed in our special sauce and seasonings in a toasted hoagie roll. It’s very, very good. For dinner, try our Monster Fish n Chips — fried white fish with fries. Classic, and delicious! View our whole seafood restaurant menu right here, and come see us soon!