Why Mulligan’s Is The Best Seafood Restaurant Around Plus More Restaurant Facts!

With locations in Jensen Beach, Lake Worth, Vero Beach, and beyond, Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill is the place to go for first-class seafood, a family-friendly atmosphere, and a tropical, waterfront atmosphere that is tough to beat. No matter which of our locations you try, you are sure to be greeted with warm smiles, hot seafood dishes (or cold, landfood fishes, if that’s your preference), and just an all-around great time!

In today’s post, we are going to pick up where we left off in our last post. We have been having a pretty darn good time over here listing off all the facts we could find related to seafood, sea life, fish, Florida, and, in our last post, restaurants. As it turns out, the internet is a pretty interesting place at times, and when you go around hunting and pecking for a few facts to share with your loyal seafood restaurant blog readers, you can get a bit carried away!

That said, we’ll wrap up today’s post with just a few more restaurant facts that might surprise, entice, or even horrify you! Well, maybe not the last one, but we like to make it sound as exhilarating as possible, so just bear with us, please. Before we go down that road, however, we’d like to highlight a few of the reviews and testimonials we’ve received from our loyal customers here at Mulligan’s. After all, we could talk (or write) until we are blue in the face (or fingers) about how great of a seafood restaurant we’ve got here, but ultimately hearing (or reading) it from folks who were once in the same shoes you find yourself in (looking for a high-quality seafood restaurant in Jensen Beach, Vero Beach, or Lake Worth) is going to help prove our point all the moreso. Enjoy a few of our favorite recent reviews from Google’s Local Guides below!

“Would Definitely Go Again”

Didn’t take any pictures , got there 1 hour before it closed. Very nice unique ocean front tiki bar place. They had fire pits and seats facing the ocean where you can enjoy your evening or nights looking at the ocean and having drinks. The mood was great, very friendly waiter, prices for the location of the business are amazing, food was very very fresh and delicious. I had a great time with my girlfriend. Would definitely go again whenever I’m in the area.” – El Ray, Five Stars, Google Local Guide

El Ray, we like your name. We also like your glorious review, because it encapsulates our mission so well. We are thrilled you found our service and food wonderful and delicious. Please come see us again in the near future!

“Can’t Wait To Come Back”

“I couldn’t get enough of this place! They have an area set up with chairs out looking the ocean where you can put up a flag to get a drink. With happy hour until 6 pm my mother and I spent our afternoon there. Although they were busy and sometimes service took awhile for other guests our server Amy was absolutely amazing, not only prompt with us but took care of other guests we became friends with during our stay. Drinks were good and you can’t beat half priced!! We even left and came back for a late night dinner which was also a great experience.

I definitely recommend the sitting watching the ocean if you just want to enjoy some cocktails bu6the beach. What a great set up. Can’t wait to come back.” – Nichole Palmer, Five Stars, Local Guide

Nichole, we also love your name, specifically the “H.” Your review made us smile as well, especially because you came to see us twice in one day! That’s what we are talking about here! You can’t beat half-price drinks, especially when the drinks are delicious and generously poured. Thanks for your kind words and business, Nichole.

“I Love Coming Here! It’s Always So Relaxing”

“I love coming here! It’s always so relaxing and for someone that dislikes beaches in general, that says a lot. I’m never disappointed by anything I get off their menu. Today was the Asian Dragon Salad! The Firecracker Shrimp on it was delicious and had just the right amount of breading on it.” – Missa Fisk, Five Stars, Local Guide

Ahh, the legendary Firecracker Shrimp has more than a few loyalists among our regular customers. We like how you noticed the very intentional breading proportion! When you come to a place like Mulligan’s, we want you to have a uniquely great time. And we have the unique opportunity to do things our own way, seeing as how we aren’t like some of our competitors in that we aren’t serving up the exact same dishes in the exact same way all across the country. No, we aren’t a chain, so we do things our own way, and people like Missa Fisk seem to love it! Missa, you’ve got a great name too, don’t worry. Thanks for coming to see us and for your glowing review!

Some Fun Facts About Restaurants

As promised, we will leave you with one or two facts about restaurants to make your day literally as good as you’ve ever had. Well, it’s a possibility, if not a likelihood. Prepare to be amazed!

  • 60 percent of restaurant consumers say they are more likely to go to a restaurant that offers eco-friendly food.
  • The average household in the United Kingdom spends more than 15 pounds (that’s the English currency and we aren’t sure how to make the symbol for them) per week on cafes and restaurants.
  • Let’s talk about human rights, human rights and kebabs. In 2008, a German court determined that having a kebab thrown at you in a restaurant is officially “not a serious violation of human dignity and honor.” We wonder if they made a distinction between a kebab being thrown end over end, like a javelin, or spinning sideways. These things matter, folks.
  • Sometimes, when you attend a restaurant that takes itself fairly seriously, your server might pour a touch of wine in your glass to let you taste it, in order to make sure it meets your lofty standards. You probably already knew that one, though. But did you know that at a very nice restaurant, the server might pour a bit of wine in your glass, swirl it around, let it sit, and then pour it out! No, it’s not because rich people think it’s cool to be wasteful (we think), it’s because high-end places want to make sure any and all residual taste from the washing of the glass has been removed.

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